Monday, June 30, 2008

Eat Mor Chikin

I've become a huge fan of Chick-fil-A recently. The quality of the company and the product is so great. They have great family oriented activities on Tuesday evenings for Family Night. Coming up soon they're having Customer Appreciation week with free stuff every day and the finale will be Dress Up Like a Cow Day... you read that right. If you come in to Chick-fil-A wearing a partial cow costume you receive a free menu item. If you come in full costume you get a free value meal. Right on cow lovers!


Big Doofus said...

Just my luck, I'll walk in there on "Dress Up Like a Cow Day" without knowing it and the manager will walk up and hand me a certificate for free food and an award for the "Best Cow Costume." Time to hit the gym.

On another note, your WORD VERIFICATION for this comment is "flizer". That actually sounds like a cool word.

Kelsey said...

haha Love it! We live no where near a ChickFilA I miss them so much!

AlaneM said...

I love that company. They have the best ethics around & treat their employees so well. I just wish I could support them more, kinda hard when they are not in my area.