Monday, June 02, 2008

"New" Furniture!

I grew up very frugally (thanks mom!). I've been pretty content with the hand-me-down furniture that we have with the occasional longing for a beautiful new sectional . Its all about priorities and new furniture just isn't that high on our list right now and that is ok. I mean, with toddlers, who wants the stress of owning nice things anyway? They're just a stained mess waiting to happen, am I right? Here is a picture of the couches we've had for awhile now (they've been through my mother and father-in-law's house and my brother and sister-in-law's. The original fabric is dated back to the '80s as you can tell, but they're not so bad with the slip covers on. Except the slipcovers never stay where they are supposed to, even after we stapled them! So they kind of looked sloppy all the time. But they are comfortable and thats about all that matters to guys.

I have not even been looking for anything lately. But this Saturday on our way back to my house my sister and I noticed a couch and loveseat sitting in a driveway with a sign that said $200. Well, thats a pretty good deal, one worth stopping and checking out at least. My sister and I got out and looked them over and sat on the couch to test it out. Not bad. Nice neutral, fairly dark fabric (wouldn't show dirt much), solid, not much wear and tear. I liked them alot.
Well, I went home and told my husband about them. But I had it set in my mind that it was no big deal. We just made a rather large purchase (we used our stimulus check to buy a memory foam bed) and Isaac may not want to fork over another $200 on "new" couches when the ones we have function just fine. I kind of saw it as a long shot but one worth trying for. Anyway, we loaded up the boys in the wagon and walked down the street to let Isaac get a look at the sofa set. We sat, let the Nate climb on them a little, talked spending limits, etc. And finally Isaac went and talked to the homeowner and he took our offer of $150! Yeah!
I love the "new" sofa set! It looked alright in the guys driveway, but it looks great in my living room! This is a picture of the loveseat. I'm way more excited about getting this great deal then I would be about spending alot of money on an actual new couch. I think God rewarded us for our patience. Thank you!


Kevin said...

Well the two times i think i slept on that think, it was very comfortable.

I'm really wishing i had that old couch at the CCF house though.


JAN said...

Wow! It does look great! How fun!

Toni said...

Whoohoo! I love "new" stuff. My house is full of "new" stuff. My scrapbooking cabinet was the most recent such purchase. I got it for $50 and love having a dedicated space (even if it is quite small).

The couch is very much to my liking, Wani. We just painted 3 rooms and a walk-through this past week. How I would love a new couch to go with, but too many repairs have hit us in the last 6 months (not the least being the $4,000 heating/cooling unit). The van was just returned yesterday and I know the part alone was $300 (wasn't brave enough to face total budget damage, lol).

So you see, I truly love "new" stuff. Great buy. Great find. Congrats!!!

AlaneM said...

Good find!!
I don't think I have any furnature I've actually purchased new. Most of it was given to us, I think I've spent a grand total of $50 ever for a dresser & they threw in a recliner too.
I dream of walking into one of those huge home stores & spending an obscene amount of $$ on new stuff. Yeah, it'll happen - HA!