Monday, June 23, 2008

Music Festival

This weekend was so much fun! My sister and friend went up to the lakehouse with us on Thursday. We got to hang out and visit which is good. But we also got to go to this Pro-Life Music Festival which was taking place near the lake.
It was a three day festival with tons of Christian rock bands, a few of which we were really interested in seeing. So for $5 we got into the festival both Friday and Saturday evenings after dinner we went over and saw three bands each night. What a deal!
Friday we saw Seventh Day Slumber, Project 86 and Superchick. And Saturday it was Run Kid Run, Leeland and Hawk Nelson. We also got to meet Eowyn - who was totally cool - and we actually ended up buying her cd and loving it.
The bands were great... but we were also convicted by the speakers' message. I'll post more about that later. The festival was alot of fun. One of the cheapest dates considering all we got for our $5 cover charge. I really enjoyed the time spent with my friends(that includes my sis!) and husband (he's a big music person so he loves that environment).


Big Doofus said...

No Budweisers?


I'm glad you guys get to relax a little.

Toni said...

Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time (for a great price).