Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gift Suggestions!

Mother's Day countdown banner

We all know what holiday is coming up this weekend... MOTHER"S DAY! Some of us are prepared... others will scramble around at the last minute trying to find something "special" to give our mother (or wife... hint hint, guys!) that won't look like we scrambled around at the last minute. Here are a couple of gift ideas that are personal.

~ Have a girls-night-in, maybe even do it pajama party style! Chill out with snacks and movies (maybe a little Gilmore Girls on DVD - or just some good old chick flicks!). Paint eachother's nails, laugh and talk til its way past "bedtime". It'll make you both feel young again! ~

~ DIY Easy Handmade Mother's Day Cards ~ Instructions @ ~ This would be a good way to personalize a not so personal giftcard or something like that. ~
~ I feel weird typing this name out... "p0rn for women". Its a book of mock p0rn. It has pictures of good looking men doing housework, changing diapers, etc. Its pretty funny. ** Just to clarify, I am in no way encouraging the distribution of actual p0rn... surely thats understood... right?~
~ Spa Day... but don't just get her a giftcard or something. Take the time and go get manicures and pedicures together. It'll be a treat for both of you and some nice time spent together! ~
~ I don't know how things are in your family but in ours: pictures of the whole family are few and far between. Make arrangements to get family pictures taken together. It'll something you'll all appreciate when its all said and done. ~

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JAN said...

We just went impersonal and got Mike's mom a gift card to Hobby Lobby. I like your suggestions better! :-)