Friday, May 30, 2008

The Road Through Marriage...

Our relationship timeline is very different than most people's. Isaac and I were acquaintances for a year (while I was still away at college), we began getting to know eachother at the end of June, were engaged mid August and married that January. I know! It was really fast. But it didn't seem so fast to us. We were so in love, but amazingly we also were very logical about it too. We very much felt God's leading bringing us together.
Our married life has its ups and downs. We don't fight alot but we certainly don't always agree. Isaac and I are very different people and naturally our needs are very different as well. We as humans are selfish beings. Its hard sometimes to put aside our own wants/desires/needs and put those of our spouse first. Its an adjustment becoming a part of another family that is so very different from your own. Every family has a certain amount of dysfunction but at least your are familiar and comfortable with your own family's dysfunction. And of course there is always the idiosyncrasies in he and I that challenge us both to "love, honor and cherish" even when we aren't very "lovable" or "honorable".
Sometimes it feels like we've come so far in our relationship, we've grown and matured, you know - we've got this marriage thing down. Then God sends us a trial or challenge that reminds us that this is an ongoing thing that we will always have to work at - there is no autopilot in marriage - at least not in a good one. We will probably always get frustrated at one another (sometimes over stupid things), compromise even when we don't really want to, carry the other when they can no longer carry themselves, and forgive when our flesh tells us not to.
Isaac and I have been married over five years now! We have been blessed with two beautiful sons (who totally changed our life!) and we love them dearly. We've made wonderful memories together. While we've had our challenges and struggles, our love for eachother has grown through it all. I continue to be amazed by how much love we have in our lives, from eachother, our friends and family... and our God who is ever present, ever caring for our needs. We are truly blessed.


Motherhood for Dummies said...

sounds like you have a wonderful happy marriage! I always love reading posts about that :) Waht can I say... I like the warm fuzzy feelings :)

mamachristina said...

I read your story and it so much like mine that I almost feel like I am reading my own love story. god bless!