Thursday, May 22, 2008

Knight in Rusty Armor

Alright... some of you may have noticed the comment on the last "Road to Marriage" post from Big Doofus (thanks alot) about the church burning down. Sigh... we can't bring up our wedding without having this brought up too. So I've been asked to explain.
Our church has moved locations alot in its 20+ years. It met in day care centers, school buildings, strip malls... then finally we were able to build our own facility. We hadn't had that building but a few years when we got married. Our wedding reception was held there and it was beautiful and a great party. But late that night after our reception some faulty electrical wiring caused a fire and destroyed our church building. It was very sad for our church body. No one wanted to tell us for fear of putting a damper on the honeymoon.
We were thankful to have many local churches reach out and offer their facilities for us to use while we rebuilt. Insurance issues and financial issues delayed the process and it took us awhile but we are thankful to have our own building once again. But through all that God was faithful and those of us who have stuck together in our church body have grown closer.
Now, there were decorations from the wedding and reception in the church when the building burnt. Including my bridal bouquet. As most brides would be - I was pretty disappointed to have lost my bouquet. To save money and to try to salvage some of the contents that were in the building - some of our own members were doing some of the cleanup from the fire. It was probably February... it had rained and frozen and snowed on the remnants of the building. They were not facing an easy task here.
My new groom was one of the men trudging through the ashes and ice. He was on a quest. He used shovels and pick axes and chipped away at the layers of charred wood and beams in search of his prize. When all others had given up on this small corner of the building, he stood firm, feeling guided. After some time of finding nothing he caught a glimpse... a ribbon... he continued to peel away the layers of sludge. And eventually he was rewarded for his efforts. A little while later he showed up on our doorstep the hero, my knight in rusty shining armor carrying my wedding bouquet!
So, today, his birthday, I wanted to share what a wonderful, amazing, honorable, charming, giving, loving, funny, hard working, caring husband I have. I am very thankful for him and hope that he has a wonderful birthday today and for many years to come. I love you, Isaac.


One Crazy Mother said...

that's a sweet story! If a good wife is more valuable than rubies, a good husband is definitely of more value than...a diamond...or a great massage :) either or.

kilax said...

What. A. Story! Your husband is so sweet for doing that for you. :) Happy Birthday to him!

mamachristina said...

This gave me an awe moment and made me want my hubby home from work.

JAN said...

Now that's romantic!