Saturday, May 03, 2008

The Road to Marriage.... part deux

Over the rest of the summer Isaac and I spent more and more time with one another. First it was attending church and youth group functions together. Then we'd just happen to go out with the same group of people. Eventually I broke down and asked him out. Not on a "date" per say... but it was our first one-on-one thing. I had to take my sister to her swim practice and he came and kept me company while I waited for her. We sat in his car (mine didn't have air conditioning) and talked and listened to his Dashboard Confessional CD like four times.
It amazed me that Isaac and I never seemed to run out of things to talk about. And it wasn't superficial stuff either. Early on we were discussing how we were tired of the whole "dating" thing, we just wanted to find someone that we were compatible with and get married and have a family. We agreed on alot of issues that were important to me: I wanted to stay home once I had kids, I wanted to breastfeed my children, we both wanted to continue to be a part of the church we attended...
We spent some time with each others' families (probably not enough). We maintained that we were "just friends". I was to be going away to Purdue in the fall and Isaac was to attend Johnson Bible College. We didn't want to start a relationship only to have it be long distance. So we kind of planned on leaving things open while we were each away at school and picking things up when we got back.
But things didn't exactly work out that way. Isaac helped me move into the dorm at Purdue on a Friday in mid-August. The next day we went to Chicago with his family. It was a great day. He and I sat in a Borders bookstore and talked about how hard it was going to be to be apart for so long. We were even thinking about maybe getting married in the spring when we both came back from school.
I attended my classes on that Monday. Isaac surprised me by coming up for a visit (Johnson's classes didn't start for another week or two). We had only been apart for a day but it felt like so much longer. Neither of us could bear the thought of being apart for weeks or months at a time. Isaac spent the night in my car (he wasn't allowed to stay in the dorm) and he slept while I went to my classes the next day.
Somehow we both knew that God wanted us to be together. The plans that we had made before we got together seemed meaningless now. We both went back to Indy that night. He woke his parents up in the middle of the night to tell them he wasn't going to Johnson after all, he was gonna get married instead. It took me longer to tell my parents. I knew they'd freak out. Which they did...


Kevin said...

Okay so your move in day i think I remember as being the day someone hit my car with their SUV.

I can't believe you forgot to mention how we went to the Mushroom church that Sunday, and brought back pizza from Mad Mushroom (ironic actually), and how you called me while i was in Lafayette (not West lafayette) trying to get a quote on the damage for my car.

What a week.

Big Doofus said...

The subject of breast feeding didn't come up in my first date with Miss Sniz. :)