Thursday, July 10, 2008

13 Things to do With Your Toddler

THURSDAY THIRTEEN - 13 Things to do With Your Toddler

1. Read a book - its so important to start instilling a love of books early on in their lives. Find books you remember from when you were a kid, or find new ones to fall in love with together.

2. Take a walk - get outside and enjoy nature and explore it through the eyes of your child.

3. Snack - don't use food as a babysitter (at least not all the time) - sit down together and use that time to talk together about your day.

4. Draw on your sidewalk w/ chalk - kids love it and its fun to have such a huge canvas.

5. Make Up a Story - my three year old has really gotten into this lately - one of us will start a story and the other will help with key parts - its so neat to hear what he comes up with.

6. Let them "help" you - ok, so this isn't always fun but its really good for them to learn to help out around the house, taking care of their clothes, loading the dishwasher, stirring pancake batter, etc. Let them wear an apron or have their own special duster, etc... Be creative, you can make it fun if you try!

7. Color together - its a great time teach their colors and shapes and more.

8. Exercise - I like to do some basic stretching together... sometimes we'll do "tumbling" too.

9. Be Silly - turn up some music and sing and dance around like a kid again - its as good as a workout if you do it right!

10. Look at Photo albums - its good for your kids to be reminded about family members that they don't see every day. They can learn people's names and about relationships.

11. Make a home video - sometimes I can get Nate to do it and sometimes he gets camera shy. But there have been a few times when I got him to give a special message for Grandma or Auntie and send it to them when they haven't seen him in awhile. They love it!

12. Watch a kids show - help your child get involved with the show, make it an interactive learning experience so they can get the most out of their tv time.

13. Hug and Cuddle! - Don't underestimate the importance of physical touch. Kids love being loved on!


Pretty Life Online said...

Great list here... Happy TT! Mine's up too hope you can drop by.

Gray Matters said...

That's a great list - it's easy to forget sometimes all they really want and need is our attention.

Scott said...

Great list. We posted it on our parenting site,

Soul Pockets said...

Great list. My toddler loves to do #10

Baby Mama said...

A great list! I plan on reading to my baby as soon as I bring him or her home from the hospital!!

I also plan to take lots of walks and have lots of outdoor time!

I'm going to bookmark your list here for future ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Kelly said...

I found your blog off Baby Blog Addict. Great list.

I've read some about your son and wanted to offer some encouragement. My 19 m.o. has been in PT for 10 months now and just got leg braces 2 mos. ago. He didn't crawl until 15 mo. and didn't bear weight on his legs until 17 mo. It may not be the same exact situation as your son, but I just felt the need to let you know you're doing all of the right things. It's a difficult road to be on, but there is so much good help out there. Take advantage of anything and everything you can. Speaking from my own expereince, it will help your son and you.

Sorry for the random tangent from a stranger. :)

Peter Plum said...

Great TT-- spending time with your kids is the best!

Right up there with winning a free VeggieTales DVD!

Celticlibrarian said...

I will always advocate a bit of Silliness. But then...I own

Happy TT!

DoubleDeckerBusGuy said...

Okay, ANOTHER list making me want to hug the kid!!! (Not but teens anymore here... so next toddlers will be grandlings!)

Andrew Clarke said...

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Sniz said...

Great tips, Wani!