Monday, July 14, 2008

T-TAPP Day One

So, this is the beginning of a workout journey for my husband and I. We'll have to see how it goes. We're not usually good at stuff like this! We're both overweight and there are obvious health concerns that go along with that. We've gone on "diets" together before and have seen some results. But hopefully this will be the start of something bigger. A real change in our bodies and ultimately in our lifestyle. We took body measurements and weighed in this morning to start off (we even took "before" pictures!). I'll keep you posted on our results - maybe weekly or something like that.
A friend recommended this exercise program called T-Tapp. She said it was the only thing she tried that got rid of her c-section droop (which I have too!). So of course once she said that, I was curious! Isaac and I have both read part of the book and its very interesting how this program doesn't just help with weightloss - it helps your whole body function better. Their website says:

T-Tapp's preventative wellness workouts deliver results inside and out. Instead of just focusing on burning calories and fat to lose weight, T-Tapp concentrates on helping the body rebuild digestion, assimilation, elimination, in addition to improving lymphatic function and neuro-kinetic flow. Increased energy, mental clarity and overall health immediately improve as your body tightens and tones. Faster inch loss occurs because muscles develop like girdles so they can uplift and cinch in target areas of concern. That's because T-Tapp develops long, lean muscle fibers with strength and flexibility for greater muscle density instead of muscle bulk. In fact, T-Tapp can redesign bulky muscles into lean, dense tissue! Best of all, this type of muscle development helps support the spine and joints in a rehabilitative way. Many injuries occur due to muscle imbalance, but with T-Tapp muscles are always built with strength and flexibility. It just happens that this type of muscle development also increases metabolic processing for higher burning of calories and fat even when not working out! Last of all, T-Tapp is a left-right brain, mind-body workout. Most have heard the phrase "if you don't use it, you lose it" but with T-Tapp it's never too late to rebuild fitness and health. Come discover "Yes You Can" with T-Tapp and FEEL the difference while you try some sample movements for free.


Toni said...

That's a worthwhile endeavor, Wani. We've made some changes here too (well, I should say "are in the process of"). I am working towards cooking with whole foods almost exclusively. It was trying initially, as our grocery bill went up some and I wasn't even familiar with some of the ingredients I'll be using. But I'm now having fun with it and my family is coming around with the new recipes as well.
Wishing you health and success as you read up and try this new route.

Big Doofus said...

It's interesting to learn stuff like this about you guys online. Yesterday I was in the car with your husband and he started to tell me about the new sleep meds. I interrupted him (nicely) and told him I was already aware of it due to the blog. I thought that was pretty funny.

Good luck losing the sizes.

P.S. He loves you... said...


I was surfing the WFMW and as I scrolled down...I saw my T.Tapp program!

Bit of encouragment coming your way!
Both my dh and I used this program...I've lost 20 inches all over in 14 days using only the "bootcamp 15 min plus!"
Yes it's works, well!

So don't delay and by the way we didn't change our diets much just excerised cause that's really where it's at!