Friday, July 04, 2008

My Own Meme!

Alrighty... check it out: Friday Phrases is a quick and easy meme that can be fun, funny, interesting, whatever we want it to be! Just pick one or a few phrases that have caught your interest lately. Anything from things your kids have said, to something funny on tv or radio, a conversation you overheard, a line from a book, whatever! Feel free to use the Friday Phrases button and link back to me! And don't forget to comment so I can come by and check out your posts! Please join in, pass it on, I'd love to see tons of other bloggers sharing their Friday Phrases! Here is mine:

As parents, we try to instill good manners in our children. The other day the boys were sitting at the table for lunch and I brought Nate his food. Automatically I remind him to say "thank you" but I said "Tell mommy thank you for being so thoughtful". Nate, being very into mimicking lately replies: "Thanks fer bein' awful". Aw... now thats appreciation right there!

So... humor me! I don't usually "tag" people. I figure if someone wants to do a meme then they'll do it. But since this is a new one... Please

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