Friday, July 18, 2008


Ok, so who doesn't like FREE STUFF?!? I love it! My grandma always said she'd by $hit on a stick if it was on sale. Well, I'm kind of like that with free stuff. If its free I'll take it! Whether I need it or not! I know, its kind of a disease or something. Maybe thats why I like Works For Me Wednesday... its free hints, tips and ideas. What could be better? Anyway, for those of you who are not addicted maybe these links will be helpful and not enabling. Enjoy!

Eat for Free Links

free printable Disney coloring pages

Free postcards & postage @ Hippopost

Homeschool Freebies

More Homeschool Free stuff

Free Attractions in any city in the USA

Free printable calendars

Free printable reward charts from SuperNanny

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