Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reality Bites

We are in the process of trying to get more therapy for Joe. He has been seeing Physical and Developmental Therapists for awhile now but we'll probably be adding Occupational and Speech sometime soon. And hopefully we'll be getting orthotics for him soon too.
We followed the recommendation of the social worker at Riley and applied for supplemental aid/insurance to help with the medical bills that have and will continue to accrue as we try to help Joe and figure out what is causing his delays. We were disappointed to find out that we do not qualify for the aid that we had applied for. Our insurance that we have now is great for healthy people and anything "normal" but anything out of the ordinary is hardly covered at all. Its just frustrating that its so hard to get help when you need it sometimes!
I am not in denial. I am not stupid... I know that my son has developmental delays. We are making the steps needed to help him. We're not trying to pretend that everything is "normal". However, I am having a hard time thinking of this as a potentially lifelong struggle for him and us. It completely overwhelms me to think of him being this way forever. I'm still clinging to the hope that after more therapy he may catch up eventually and lead a fairly normal life someday. Deep down I know that he might not... but I have to believe that its a possibility. If I didn't have that hope I would fall apart (even more than I already do).


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear the disappointing news about the supplemental insurance. It's frustrating to want to get the best possible help as soon as possible but come up against the wall of financial demands. You seem to be having a good attitude though...taking it a day at a time, celebrating every small victory in his progress, and not giving up hope. I know it breaks a mother's heart to think about the possibility of unfulfilled hopes for their child, but you know you can trust that God has intentions for Joe's life beyond what you can even dream for him. What a comfort that can be! Hang in there!


Sarah said...

Hi! I'm a mom to a special needs child as well. One of the things that insurance companies likes to do is turn people down. If you appeal a time or two they very well might grant it. Also I don't know where you live but some states have something that helps parents pay for bills. In Illinois it is called Department of Specialized Care for Children. They help cover the costs of things that insurance doesn't. You may want to see what is offered locally. Unfortunately these resources are never "offered up". You might want to see if your peditrician has a case manager that you can work with and call your local Easter Seals. Good luck!

Toni said...

How very frustrating to be refused. I agree with appealing though, if that is a possibility. Fighting for our kids is very exhausting, but so worth the battles.

I've had my own hard day with special needs we live with that can't be "fixed" so my heart is heavy for you as I read this.